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BMF Resilience  was born in 2016 as sister company of the Italian general construction company EFFEBI which can offer its professionalism, consolidated in more of  40 years of experience.


The activities carried out in our more of 40 years of development are:

Construction and renovation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings using traditional methods or with steel.


Steel also represents our specialization in the construction of residential buildings or for improving the structural strength of existing buildings.


The same ability to control the company and its business is guaranteed by the presence in the United States of the owners of the Italian company as well.

The Italian company is now operationally managed by a qualified team that has consolidated its experience within the company under the supervision of the owners.

BMF offers an "Italian Boutique" product with the concept of true "ITALIAN STYLE and ENGINEERING".


We believe we are the ideal collaborator of innovative Architects, Engineers and Designers. Design is the most important step in creating a new project. The preliminary analysis developed in collaboration with our architects and engineers, guarantees the customer an integrated management of the project also in terms of economic and environmental sustainability.


The Client is supported by our experience as Project Manager, in the management, organization and choice in collaboration with the Architect who conceived the project.


The know-how acquired in carrying out numerous consolidation and construction works with the aid of mixed steel / concrete, steel / wood structures and the use of reinforced carbon fibers allows us to offer innovative solutions for our customers since from the first phases of project analysis.


BMF guarantees the safety and restoration of any type of building, even with innovative techniques developed over decades of activity, for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


The operation of BMF and the control of the subcontractors is also guaranteed by the technical support of the Italian sister company, EFFEBI. 

Image by Muzammil Soorma

Our Management 

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