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Construcción De Metal Prefabricado

Back to Skills In the construction sector, we have acquired a specialization, through the construction of countless high-profile buildings so as to enable us to develop buildings of all kinds, both civil and industrial.

The use of steel elements for the construction of complex structures has allowed us to acquire the knowledge that today leads us to prefer the construction of buildings with a metal structure rather than concrete.


The performance capability of the metal structures allows an efficient efficiency also due to the necessary and more than ever actual energy performance of modern buildings.


Furthermore, the use of steel makes the structures "elastic" and easily transformable over time.

Back to Skills The restructuring sector follows a continuous development, intervening more and more often in many buildings that need modifications, structural adjustments, reinforcements, deep renovations.


We have carried out, in collaboration with the technicians in charge, analyzes, studies, estimates for the multiple range of interventions that restructuring requires.

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